Elizabeth Martin-Chan

The Witchy Empowerment Coach

Helping you stand in your personal power

Hi there. I’m Elizabeth. I’m an online empowerment coach who collaborates with menstruators (of various ages, stages, and identities) who feel disempowered, disconnected, and unworthy. I bear witness as you claim your personal power and affirm a life led by your passions.

My Story

Do you know that moment when you realize you have lost yourself and you’re not able to do it anymore?

I’ve been there. The slow developing crack, deepening as it is ignored, until its reverberating existence can not be denied. Crying silently at night; breaking…open. Somewhere along the line I lost myself while consumed with meeting expectations and pleasing others. With no idea how I got there, and detached from personal meaning; I occupied a life that didn’t feel like it belonged to me.

The secret to personal empowerment is recognizing it is an embodied brew of three primary ingredients. The first, subverting self hate culture. Second, claiming the supremacy of body wisdom. Third, BEing in your innate cyclical nature. In short, personal empowerment is an embodied revolutionary act.

My Values & Beliefs

Re-membering is a radical act of self-love

There isn’t really any way around it, no matter how awesome our parents were, the human experience involves dismembering our wholeness. We cut out and set aside parts of self we believe are unexceptable or wrong. To live life from a place of empowered alignment with who we are, it is necessary to subvert self-hate culture by passionately embracing our abandoned parts.

It is time to teardown the mind-body hierarchy

Western culture is built on a hierarchy which places the wisdom of the brain on a pedestal. Body wisdom is downplayed, dismissed, shamed, and erased. The ancient secret no one seems to wants us to know is that the body does not lie. It is our source of self knowing, and self-empowerment. It is time to rise up and claim our birthright to personal sourced empowerment.

Shifting perspective bends time

Modern Western culture has us believing that time is linear. This perspective denies what our bodies know about time. Every life sustaining breath and heartbeat is a cyclical action. The natural world we exist in rotates through cycles. To really know and thrive in our personal power, it is crucial that we overthrow the self destructive dictates of constant, “productive” forward motion. To stand in personal power is to shift perspective and honour the flow of our cyclical nature.

My Approach

I employ an out of the ordinary coaching perspective brewed from experience, training, and study. Distilled from a concoction of knowledge in menstruality, womb medicine, mindbody practices, education theory, oppression, trauma, and feminist thought; cast in a solid science background. Yet ultimately, the work is a personal pilgrimage of sacred intuitive rediscovery.