About Elizabeth

Hi. I’m Elizabeth. I am an embodied cycles coach and educator. I help women stand in their personal power by cultivating and nurturing a loving relationship with their bodies so they can hear their inner voice, reconnect with their passions, and feel like they are living in alignment with their purpose.

After decades of buffering myself with concrete urban landscapes, playing a blockbuster performance in patriarchy’s good girl role, and numbing myself from bodily sensations with metaphoric bubble wrap; I was jolted awake from my sensory desert.

We are cyclical creatures, having evolved on a planet of seasons and cycles. Once upon a time our societies knew how to flow with the predictable shifts in our environments, both externally and internally. Over time we developed abilities to master and protect ourselves from the wildness of habitat, and encased our internal landscape to distance ourselves from our nature. We have become adrift from intimate knowledge of our innate cyclical powers.

I am a Chakradance facilitator, Pilates instructor, have studied embodied healing, and have had a life long passionate love affair with nature, feminine wisdom and the sensuality of the body. My writing has been published in Rebelle Society.

Now days I work with clients seeking to reconnect with their innate body wisdom and help them navigate a pilgrimage home to self.