Menstrual Wisdom

Embodied within a woman is a lost power.  The source is only whispered about for management purposes; the extent of the endowment is rarely disclosed.  Taught to shield the world from any vibrant scarlet evidence, we hide its brilliance by employing shame to those careless enough to allow others to view signs of its existence.  I speak of our menstrual cycle, our shed blood, our centre of sexual pleasure, our fulcrum in menopausal transition, and the guiding star of our wise years.  Our ancestors knew of the power embedded in women’s cycles, and were reverent to the embodied wisdom.

We are cyclical creatures, having evolved on a planet of seasons and cycles.  Once upon a time our societies knew how to flow with the predictable shifts in our environments, both externally and internally.  Over time we developed abilities to master and protect ourselves from the wildness of habitat, and encased our internal landscape to distance ourselves from our nature.  Patriarchy became a dominate social structure.
Gradually women became adrift from intimate knowledge of our innate cyclical powers.  Marooned as we shifted away from honouring the authoritative insight flowing from our springhead.  The menstrual cycle’s significance was reduced to function of fertility.  This capability to birth life, beautiful and significant as it is, is only a fraction of the intelligence flowing though women.
 Today women are beginning to turn back to their own wisdom.  Reclaiming their inherent cycles.  Regaining their own endowment.  Rediscovering their inner source of life, creativity and wisdom. Imagine what it could be like to have an ongoing awareness of when you will be most extrovert and best able to express your ideas.  Consider how you might arrange your life if you were in tune with your creative fluctuations, conscious of your rhythmic need for rest, in pulse with your powers of discernment, and in concert with when to discard what is not necessary.  
Menstrual Wisdom is about personal power.  It is about reclaiming that which you never ceded.  It is about embodying your personal authority and allowing life to flow from your internal aquifer of sacred knowledge.
I invite you into the growing sisterhood of women opening to themselves.  A sisterhood of exploring your internal wellspring and allowing your own becoming.
Together in metamorphosis,

Empowerment coach for menstruating women